Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Coffee Shack

The original Coffee Shack is a small venue located at 259 Dyke Rd in Marshfield, Ma. There is also a second called The Other Coffee Shack located at 15 Schoonsett st in Pembroke, MA. The two locations are within 10 miles of each other, so I was able to visit both locations to observe any differences.

Both locations serve a variety of baked goods, and serve both hot and iced coffee and tea, along with hot chocolate and hot apple cider. All the baked good are made daily on site, and can differ upon whom is baking that morning. Personally i found it all delicious. The coffee is good, even from a non-coffee drinkers standpoint, i got a Nutty Irishman while observing the ritual of coffee serving and it was quite nice. Unfortunately no-one at either location knew if the cofee was fair trade, one coffee barista even asking me 'isnt all coffee fair trade? Its sold in America so it has to be right?".... No not quite.

Both location are quite small with two tables and chairs each, but this doesn't deter the consistent stream of customers as they order, wait, or mingle nearby. The customer base is wide, ranging from about 16-70's, average walk-ins, regular daily customers, blue collar and professional, all looking for their daily fix of their favorite coffee. The service is very friendly and quick, the pricing is average or even below average, but be ready with cash, no debit or credit cards are taken in either location. Both locations show awards for great customer service and a 'Best of the South Shore' plaque hangs in Marshfield.